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1 Jul 2019 um 15:28 Terrible service. I ordered from the "Friday´s deal" menu advertised at EUR9.90 with rice and nan. Food arrived without rice or nan and I was told that my order was not a Friday deal. Checking the website again the item was reduced in price to E
26 Jun 2019 um 15:28 Super
23 Jun 2019 um 21:42 Really bad customer service. Ordered rice but it never came. When I contacted them they said it was a mistake from the App. They said if I want it I have to pick it up myself from the restaurant. They refused to deliver it.
19 Jun 2019 um 17:18 PERFECT as always they left for me 2extra bread which was too much and was delicious , really appreciate it!!!
11 Jun 2019 um 22:09 Very fast and the food quality is really excellent!
2 Mai 2019 um 18:16 The containers had been transported upside down, so the bag was leaking with oil and everything was sticky. The rice was cold and the palak paneer lukewarm. The taste was okay, spicy as extra requested, but reheating delivered food is not okay :(
19 Jun 2018 um 14:04 alles sehr gut
21 Mär 2018 um 2:17 Meine Bestellung war nach 18(!!!) Minuten da. Alles war köstlich, jederzeit wieder!
23 Feb 2018 um 16:24 Wenn man 3,50 extra für Reis verlangt sollte die Qualität top sein und nicht Durchschnitt - Lieferung selbst wär super gut
22 Feb 2018 um 22:20 1 dish (palak paneer) was missing though we paid for it...